Heat engine

Heat engine
  An engine that converts heat to mechanical energy.
  California Energy Comission. Dictionary of Energy Terms

Energy terms . 2014.

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  • Heat engine — Heat Heat (h[=e]t), n. [OE. hete, h[ae]te, AS. h[=ae]tu, h[=ae]to, fr. h[=a]t hot; akin to OHG. heizi heat, Dan. hede, Sw. hetta. See {Hot}.] 1. A force in nature which is recognized in various effects, but especially in the phenomena of fusion… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • heat engine — šiluminis variklis statusas T sritis Energetika apibrėžtis Variklis, verčiantis šiluminę energiją mechaniniu darbu ir vartojantis organinį arba branduolinį kurą. Šiluminio variklio veikimas pagrįstas uždaru (arba sąlygiškai uždaru) termodinaminiu …   Aiškinamasis šiluminės ir branduolinės technikos terminų žodynas

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  • heat engine — noun Date: circa 1895 a mechanism (as an internal combustion engine) for converting heat energy into mechanical or electrical energy …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • heat engine — /ˈhit ɛndʒən/ (say heet enjuhn) noun an engine which transforms heat energy into mechanical energy …  

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