A general term applied to the energy that is converted to a form that can not be effectively used (lost) during the operation of an energy producing, conducting, or consuming system.
  The general term applied to energy (kWh) and capacity (kW) lost in the operation of an electric system. Losses occur principally as energy transformations from kWh to waste-heat in electrical conductors and apparatus. This waste-heat in electrical conductors and apparatus. This power expended without accomplishing useful work occurs primarily on the transmission and distribution system.
(Electric utility)
  Electric energy or capacity that is wasted in the normal operation of a power system. Some kilowatt-hours are lost in the form of waste heat in electrical apparatus such as substation conductors. LINE LOSSES are kilowatts or kilowatt-hours lost in transmission and distribution lines under certain conditions.
  California Energy Comission. Dictionary of Energy Terms

Energy terms . 2014.

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